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Complete first aid coverage

VSSL have re-imagined what a first aid kit can be. The First Aid Mini has only the most essential, expert-curated supplies, and it’s smartly organised in the most compact design possible. Why carry more supplies than you truly need? Every component was selected based on the advice of experts who specialise in outdoor first aid. All of the 40+ items are easily accessible simply by unscrewing the end caps. This is the most durable, portable, everyday-carry first aid kit in its class!

    • 17.14 cm tall, 5 cm wide
    • Holds three expert-curated Supply Tins
    • Weighs 280 g
    • Made from 6061 military grade aluminium
    • Waterproof sealed

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  • End Cap

    • Machined from solid aluminium
    • Includes VSSL’s custom knurl pattern
    • Silicon o-rings on each end ensure waterproof sealing
    • Endcaps are slightly wider than cylinder to provide extra grip

    Supply Tin 1 - Clean, Cut and Cover

    • 6 Antiseptic wipes
    • 2 wound-closure strips
    • 2 large bandages
    • Antibiotic ointment
    • Tins are 1.4-inches by 1.8 inches wide, and fit in all VSSL cylinders

    Supply Tin 2 - First Aid Tools

    • Tweezers
    • Razor blade
    • 4 safety pins
    • Emergency whistle
    • Sewing kit
    • Medical gloves

    Supply Tin 2 - Supply Essentials

    • 6 blister pads
    • 1 Gauze pad
    • Burn and pain cream
    • 2 knuckle bandages
    • 2 disposable thermometers
    • Adventure tape

    Adventure tape

    • 20-foot roll
    • Extreme adhesive, extra strength
    • Weather proof with reinforced backing
    • Multi-purpose essential
    • Get extra coverage for treating wounds

    Antiseptic wipes

    • 6 wipes
    • Kills bacteria to prevent infection
    • Thoroughly cleans wounds in preparation for bandaging
    • Wash your hands anywhere
    • 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches when unfolded

    Wound closure strips

    • 2 strips
    • Cover wounds and scrapes to begin healing
    • Prevent infection and keep clean
    • Keep germs from spreading

    Large Bandages

    • 2 bandages
    • For additional coverage over closure strips
    • Can cover wounds, cuts, or blisters
    • Keep wounds clean
    • Prevent infection and bacterial spread

    Antibiotic ointment

    • Kill germs fast when treating wounds or cuts
    • Prevent infection
    • Clean, sterilise, and disinfect wounds


    • 1 pair
    • Clean wounds for bandaging
    • Get hard-to-reach areas
    • Ensure hygienic treatment

    Razor Blade

    • 1 razor blade
    • Can shave kindling for fire-starting
    • Easily cut rope without compromising strength
    • Extra sharp and won’t dull after repeated use

    Safety Pins

    • 4 safety pins
    • Can also remove a sliver or a stinger
    • Secure cloth wraps for larger wounds
    • Temporary fix for tears to gear or clothing

    Emergency Whistle

    • VSSL’s custom bead-less aluminium whistle
    • Blow three times in short intervals, wait, and repeat
    • Universal signal for help
    • High decibel sound without major exertion

    Sewing Kit

    • 3 needles and some thread
    • Just enough to fix gear or clothing
    • Helps out in a pinch
    • Prepare cloth bandages for treating wounds

    Medical gloves

    • Protects you and the person you're caring for
    • Disposable after use
    • Prevent cross-contamination

    Blister pads

    • Specifically created to act as a second layer of skin
    • 6 blister pads
    • Keeps the blister from tearing
    • Prevents infection
    • Apply as needed to cover blisters

    Gauze pad

    • Thoroughly clean wound, then use this sterilised pad to cover a wound

    Burn and pain cream

    • Apply topically as directed on the package
    • Assist with burn pain relief
    • Use for quick aid

    Knuckle Bandages

    • Clean and then cover knuckles
    • 2 bandages
    • Prevent infection
    • Stop the spread of germs
    • More effective than traditional bandages

    Disposable thermometers

    • 2 disposable thermometers
    • Place indicator under your tongue and wait one minute
    • Accurate to within 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Unbreakable design
    • Measurement range is from 96 to 104.8 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Made from military grade aluminium and backed with a lifetime warranty, you can be confident that your first aid gear will be ready and in good condition when you need it most.
  • Forged in Canada and tested in extreme environments, VSSL makes military-grade adventure utility kits — providing peace of mind in the outdoors | READ MORE

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