VSSL Camp Supplies Mini | SUUNTO Edition

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Ultimate outdoor survival kit, compressed

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. It’s a favourite mantra of outdoor, bushcraft and survival instructors. Thing is, they’re not wrong. But planning for every eventuality normally means carrying a ton of extra gear in your pack, adding weight and bulk. Luckily, there’s a solution, and it comes in the form of VSSL’s ultralight, ultra-compact Camp Supplies survival canister. This mini version is built just as tough as its bigger brother, with a military-grade aluminium housing. This special edition includes a precision engineered compass from Finnish tech-wizards Suunto, proven to operate reliably from -30℃ to +60℃. It also boasts a built-in LED torch and a handy carabiner end cap, making it a cinch to take on any adventure – so you’re always prepared, even if the situation goes south

    • The ultimate compact adventure kit with LED survival torch
    • Includes the worlds best compass: SUUNTO Compass
    • Your peace of mind in the outdoors
    • Survival cache perfectly packed with essential outdoor supplies
    • Keep all your critical camp supplies organised and in one place for easy access
    • Doesn't compromise on quality, weight, or valuable pack space
    • Practically indestructible - made from military grade aluminium
    • Waterproof - keeps your gear dry and secure
    • Ultra-Packable
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Made in Canada
    • VSSL Light
      • 200 lumens LED light (flood beam)
      • 4 lighting modes: bright, dim, red, SOS
      • Up to 40 hrs of burn time
      • Waterproof
      • Long press activation reduces accidental activation
    • SUUNTO Compass
      • Trusted Navigational Tool
      • Best in class precision instrument
      • Reliable operating temperature -30° C to +60° C
      • Liquid filled capsule for stable operation
      • Sapphire bearing
      • Accuracy 1/3 degree
      • High Visibility Compass Card
    • Mini First Aid
      • Take care of minor injuries and pesky trail blisters
      • 6 bandages
      • 10 3M Steri strips
      • 2 antiseptic wipes
      • 2 safety pins
    • Firestarter Kit
      • Get a fire going no matter the conditions
      • 5 waterproof Tinder Quik® fire starters
      • 1 Striker
    • Rope + Razor
      • 25 ft of marine grade rope
      • 250 lbs breaking strength
      • Extra sharp razor
    • Sewing Kit
      • 2 needles and thread
    • Made from seamless extruded military specification anodised aluminium
    • Dimensions: 5 x 15 cm
    • Weight: 340 g
    • Made in Canada
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  • Back home in Saskatchewan, Northern Canada, VSSL founder Todd Weimer started out building makeshift survival kits, filling PVC pipes with first aid essentials, fishing kits and matches. These days, the concept remains the same, but the build quality has stepped up several notches. Machined from military-grade aluminium and using top-quality components, VSSL survival canisters are packed with vital camp supplies and emergency essentials. They’re tailor-made for adventures in the great outdoors, as well as survival scenarios and disaster preparedness.

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for Excellent Product Design


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