Terra Camp 4 Pot Set

Colour: Black/Green

Versatile 4-person cook set

If you’re cooking for your camping crew, you need the right tools for the job – especially if you’re planning to knock up gourmet culinary creations. But even if your ambitions don’t stretch much further than pasta and sauce, a decent cook set will still ensure you serve up four decent plates of food rather than a burnt mess. Optimus’s Terra Camp 4 is certainly fit for the task. This practical and versatile set is made from lightweight yet durable hard anodised aluminium. It will work with most standard camping stoves, and includes a large-capacity 3.2L pot with a heat exchanger base, plus a smaller 2.3L pot. Both have folding handles and PTFE non-stick coatings. You also get a frying pan with a robust ceramic coating to protect from scratches, two lids (one made from silicone, and one made from hard plastic, which also doubles as a strainer for pasta or noodles), a clever insulating storage bag (which can also be used to keep food warm during prep) and a protective cloth. The only downside? Now there are no excuses not to make every camp dinner you cook utterly delicious…

    • Efficient 7-piece cook set made of hard anodised aluminium, suitable for up to 4 people
    • Frying pan has a robust ceramic non-stick coating to protect the inside from scratching
    • Two lightweight cooking pots have a durable PTFE non-stick coating and folding handles
    • Special heat exchanger on the 3.2L pot reduces boil time by up to 30%, making your stove more energy efficient and saving fuel when cooking
    • Use the Thermobag for passive cooking, keeping food warm, and protecting your pots from scratching
    • Pots have a unique bottom geometry so they sit securely on the burner
    • Leave leftovers in the pot and store them or keep them warm with the flexible silicone lid
    • Transparent plastic lid can also be used as a strainer and attaches to the side of the pot
    • Weight: 1160 g
    • Hard-anodized aluminum with ceramic and PTFE non-stick coating
    • Plastic
    • Silicone
    • Frying Pan
    • Silicone Lid
    • 2.3L Pot
    • Plastic Lid
    • 3.2L Pot with Heat Exchange
    • Thermobag
  • Few brands understand the demands and challenges of outdoor cooking quite like Optimus. After all, they’ve been manufacturing the finest camping and backpacking stoves for more than a century. Founded in Stockholm way back in 1899, the company has built an enviable global reputation for its technically advanced and expedition-proven gas, multifuel and hybrid stoves.

    Whether you’re preparing for a far-flung expedition, a long-distance walk, a wild camping escape or are just taking advantage of a free weekend to go camping with friends, there’s an Optimus stove system or cook set for you. Their ever-reliable equipment is known for its efficient, fuss-free performance, which means it is sure to become one of the first items on your kit list whenever you’re planning a new adventure.


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