Svart Coffee Grinder

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Ground coffee at the touch of a button

Most home coffee grinders use conical burrs to grind the beans. This is an affordable and effective grinding method, but it tends to produce a less even particle distribution. That’s not good enough for the finest beans or the most discerning coffee drinkers. That’s why Wilfa developed the Uniform Coffee Grinder, which has 58 mm flat-bed stabilised stainless-steel burrs for a more even grind. It also has 41 different adjustment steps to enable you to make everything from espresso to French press, as well as an energy efficient automatic shut-off. And this version comes in a sleek silver finish to add a stylish accent to your home kitchen.

    • Coffee grinder made from durable stainless steel and aluminium with sleek silver finish
    • 58 mm wide and flat stabilised burr grinder heads made from Italian milled stainless steel for a more even grind
    • 41 adjustment steps with precise grinding for all brewing methods, including espresso, Aeropress, V60 and other ‘pour overs’, as well as filter coffee, press jug and a host of others
    • Grinds slowly to prevent the coffee from overheating and burning, which can cause loss of aroma and taste
    • Grinding stops automatically after the last bean has been ground
    • Stainless metal anti-static coffee container reduces coffee dust. Small brush included for easy cleaning
    • Unique app gives you an overview of different grinds, as well as pour over programmes and brew recipes from renowned Oslo coffee brewer and roaster Tim Wendelboe
    • Easy to connect with your iPhone or Android smartphone via Bluetooth
  • North American customers: These units operate on a 230V supply voltage. They will not work with standard power sockets in the US, Canada and Mexico. Use of these units in those countries would require a voltage converter, which typically cost about USD 15 at your local electronics store.

    • Product code: WSCG-2
    • 250g hopper capacity
    • 5 different grinding sizes
    • Timer function
    • Approved by the European Coffee Brewing Centre
    • 1 year warranty from Wilfa
    • H 310 x W 200 x L 160 cm
    • Weight: 2400 g
    • Dimensions: 13 × 17 × 28 cm
  • Wilfa Silver Coffee Grinder Overview
  • Svart Coffee Grinder product manual

  • Scandinavians care deeply about their coffee. In fact, the Nordic countries make up 5 of the top 6 per capita coffee drinking nations in the world. But their coffee culture is unique, with a love for lighter roasts and drip or filter coffees, as opposed to dark espressos or sweet flavoured lattes.

    Scandi design is similarly revered across the globe for its philosophy of functional minimalism, which has given rise to innumerable twentieth century household design icons.

    With its highly regarded range of drip coffee makers and grinders, Norwegian brand Wilfa has brought these two cultural pillars together, fusing the Nordic love of coffee with the Scandinavian flair for design. It is a collision of passions and inspirations that has resulted in a set of simple yet simultaneously stylish kitchen essentials that are a delight to use and a joy to own.


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