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Muka Stove

Colour: Silver

Soot-free and fuss-free liquid fuel stove

For extended trips in remote locations, where camping gas canisters are hard to come by, a liquid fuel stove is the ideal option. But most are a pain to set up and clean down. SOTO’s Muka stove is different. It will burn either unleaded petrol or white gas, but unlike other liquid fuel stoves, it doesn’t need priming, so you don't have to warm the burner before you light the stove. This makes for cleaner setup and quicker cooking. The folding spider-style burner head is packable but very stable. It also has a rotating, removable fuel line, so no matter where you’re forced to set up, your stove and fuel bottle will sit securely on the ground. The Muka is also equipped with an air purge valve that allows you to release the pressure in the fuel bottle without unscrewing the pump – saving fuel and reducing mess. Lastly, the Muka has a super-useful pressure indicator that takes the guesswork out of pressurising your fuel. In typical SOTO style, the Muka solves all the traditional drawbacks of liquid fuel stoves, simply making outdoor life easier.

    • No need to prime, as the higher pressure burner head instantly atomises liquid fuel making for quicker cooking and less mess
    • Best-in-class 15,800 BTU power output without dirty soot build-up
    • Packable and lightweight design is sturdy in use thanks to a folding spider-style burner head
    • Flexible fuel line and rotating joint make stove setup easy, whilst still ensuring a solid connection to your fuel bottle
    • Control dial on the fuel bottle and an emergency stop function makes operation and flame adjustment easy
    • Air purge valve releases fuel bottle pressure instantly, rather than having to slowly unscrew the pump, reducing fuel leaks
  • muka overview

    muka overview

    muka overview

    muka overview

    • Output: 4,000 kcal/h; 4,650 W; 15800 BTU
    • Duration: 1 hour at max. capacity (1.5 hours at 2,500 kcal/h (10,000 BTU)) with intake of 480 ml lead-free fuel
    • Type of fuel: Pure petrol, lead-free petrol
    • Dimensions: 13.5 x 13.5 x 8 cm
    • Dimensions when stowed: 8 x 6.5 x 8 cm
    • Weight with pump: 333 g
    • Weight without pump: 163 g
  • Muka Stove product manual

  • Dedicated to generating and integrating the “Blue Flame” in every flaming device conceived, SOTO’s engineers have devoted their lives to creating products that reach a maximum sustainable flame in the least possible amount of time. Devices that can be trusted to function in extreme cold and chilling winds. Every effort is made to provide the highest safety and technical standards at all phases of production, resulting in an enhanced outdoor experience for end-users of SOTO’s products.

This fuel cooker is one of the most versatile and best camping stoves I've used so far.

-JohnnyGoo, Verified Buyer


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