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Poppy Red

Make meetings more effective

Ever find yourself flicking through your notepad, trying to remember who was supposed to follow up on that important client meeting? Invented by the president of Rhodia’s parent company, Clairefontaine, for his own use in business meetings, this clever little notebook is designed to ensure you can find that vital information at a glance. It features pre-printed two-colour pages with separate sections to record meeting dates, notes and actions – making reviews and follow-ups super easy. It’s a simple but effective tool that will make your meetings more effective, your work days more productive and your life that little bit easier.

    • Attractive but understated coated, water-resistant card cover with double spiral binding
    • Contains 80 sheets of smooth extra white 90gsm paper
    • Pre-printed, lined two-colour pages marked with Date + Notes + Action
    • Micro perforated pages for easy and clean removal
    • Available in two sizes, compact and large
    • Made in France
  • Clairefontaine, responsible for all paper found in Rhodia, is the only European manufacturer making its own paper for its products.

    Local manufacturing - Rhodia notebooks are 100% made in France, as they always have been.

    Ethically Sourced Materials - Clairefontaine make their paper from pulp and wood by-products from PEFC-certified sustainable forests.

    Eco Manufacturing - Clairefontaine self-supply 80% of the energy they use, and have put in place an advanced water recycling method (that makes the River Meurthe water cleaner than when it got to the mill). They also convert waste from water treatment plant into agricultural compost.

  • Rhodia pads are an icon of modern French design. Established in 1934 in Lyon by two paper-making brothers, the brand’s first notebooks immediately drew acclaim for their quality materials and striking orange covers. Today, Rhodia is still known for its exacting standards and timeless design, and the pads are still manufactured in France, just as they always have been.

Beautiful quality paper, great layout

-Rhiannon, Verified Buyer


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