Kettle 2L Big Titan

Colour: Titanium

Large-capacity camp champ

We’d all like someone to share our adventures with – someone with whom you can divvy up the camping kit, who will encourage you when the going gets tough and occasionally distract you from your sore feet on the trail. But come dinner time, the appeal of having an adventure buddy can be tested, when you go three rounds of rock, paper, scissors just to see who gets the first pot of boiling water to rehydrate their dinner. But the guys at MSR just want us all to be friends, which is why they’ve designed the Big Titan, a large-capacity kettle that can boil 2 litres of water at a time – plenty for two people to hydrate their evening meals and enjoy a brew, all at the same time. It weighs just 182 g and comes with a lid, drip-free spout and pack-flat handles for neatly stashing in your pack

    • Made from lightweight titanium
    • Super durable
    • Tight-fitting lid for efficient boil time
    • Drip-free spout for accurate pouring
    • Folding wire handles so you can store away neatly in your pack
    • Volume: 2L
    • Weight: 180 g
    • Width: 16.3 cm
    • Height: 12.2 cm
    • Packed size: 15.87 x 11.45 cm
  • A staple of multiple expeditions for more than 50 years, MSR gear is trusted by climbers, mountaineers, explorers and researchers in some of the highest and coldest places on earth. The brand has earned an enviable reputation for turning out reliable, durable, high-performance kit – and has come a long way since its founding by Seattle engineer and lifelong mountaineer Larry Penberthy in 1969. Back then, MSR – or Mountain Safety Research, to use its full moniker – was solely focused on improving the safety of climbing equipment. Why? Because Larry knew that better equipment meant greater adventures.

    Since then, the product range has grown hugely, but the core ethos remains the same. That’s why MSR gear is characterised by its user-led design that prioritises functionality, simplicity and reliability, wherever you roam in the great outdoors – whether you’re on a weekend camping trip, or perched on a portaledge 2,000ft up one of the world’s big walls.


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