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HighLite Sleeping Bag

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Stay warm all summer long

There are some trips where you just can’t afford for your kit to weigh you down. But you don’t want to be shaving grams at the cost of performance. That’s why we love Western Mountaineering bags – their premium materials and meticulous designs result in sleeping bags that offer near physics-defying warmth for weight. The HighLite is their lightest mummy-style bag, weighing just 480g – and that’s for the biggest size, which will accommodate adults up to 200cm (6 ft 6”) tall. For minimum weight, this specialised bag uses a one-way, half-length zip, superlight face fabric and a mix of stitch-through and box-wall baffle construction for unimpeded loft. That means the effect of its premium 850+ fill power goose down is fully realized. The efficient cut not only reduces bulk and weight but reduces dead space inside the bag too. Quite simply, it’s the perfect option for fast and light warm weather backpacking

      • Comfort rating of +2°C
      • Half-length YKK zip for minimum weight
      • Horizontal stitch-through baffles cut grams, while vertical mesh box-wall construction maximises warmth and loft
      • 9oz (255 g) of 850+ FP European goose down fill* (Refers to 200 cm/6ft 6 in size)
      • Designed and made in USA
      • Uses responsibly sourced European goose down, sourced from free-range breeding geese, not birds produced for the meat trade, and never live plucked or force-fed
    • Size Size (cm) Rating Loft (cm) Inside Girth
      shdr/hip/foot (cm)
      Fill Wt. Total Wt. Stuff size (cm) Sack Size
      Short 165 -2° C 9 150/130/97 200 g 425 g 15 x 25 XXXS
      Regular 180 -2° C 9 150/130/97 225 g 455 g 15 x 30 XXS
      Long 200 -2° C 9 152/132/97 255 g 480 g 15 x 30 XXS
      • 850+ FP European goose down fill
      • Sleeping bag shell materials are treated with a fluorocarbon free Durable Water Resistant finish (DWR)
      • These fabrics are constructed from yarns that are 12 denier or finer with up to 420 threads per square inch
      • Ethically Sourced Materials - Uses responsibly sourced European goose down, sourced from free-range breeding geese, not birds produced for the meat trade, and never live plucked or force-fed.
      • Manufactured Locally -Designed and made in USA
    • With an offering of over 30 different models, Western Mountaineering can provide you a sleeping bag for any event, outing, or expedition requiring the lightest and warmest bags.

      A dedicated search for the finest raw materials, meticulous design and unsurpassed workmanship have come together to provide you the highest quality sleeping bags available anywhere.

      • How to use: Your bag should always be placed on a waterproof ground cloth to keep dirt and other forest litter from soiling the outside shell.
      • Cleaning your bag: The best way is to hand wash it in a bath tub or you can use a front loading washing machine. Only use a soap especially prepared for down products. When you hand wash, fill the tub with warm water, add down soap and put the bag in the tub. A tip here is to keep your bag in its stuff sack and put the whole thing underwater.
      • Things to avoid: Dry cleaning is not recommended since the solvents can strip away natural oils contained in the down. Never use a top loading or agitator machine as this can damage the baffle construction. Do not leave your sleeping bag stuffed in its stuff sack or in a plastic bag for long periods of time. Air dry your bag in the sun or in a tumble dryer before storing it.

Good, comfortable!

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