Gibbon Slacklines

TravelLine Treewear Set

Colour: Red

GIBBON: Putting a spring in your step since ‘07

A small, more compact slackline than GIBBON’s other options, the Travel Line Treewear Set is designed for slackliners on the move, to be stashed in a rucksack and set-up anywhere in the world. It features a bold print that is evocative of adventurous, global travels, to spark some wanderlust and encourage you to get outside. Accompanied by pads to protect the trees and a ratchet pad for transportation, this slackline is easy to set-up and take-down.

    • Small, compact and practical - made for slacklining on the road
    • Fits into any backpack
    • Faithful companion for slackliners on the go
    • Integrated ratchet protection (RAT PAD)
    • Comes with the all-new Treewear - tree protector wraps
    • Length: 15 m complete set: 12.5 m line & 2.5 m ratchet strap
    • Packaging: 275 x 136 x 210 mm
    • Bandtype: 5 cm / 2" flat webbing
    • Weight: 2.7 kg / 5 lbs
    • Strength: 20 kN
    • Material: Polyester
    • Print: Silk screen
    • Ratchet: Compact Ratchet - coated steel
    • Contents: 12.5 m slackline with protected loop, 2.5 m 20kN ratchet band with protected loop, ratchet with safety lock, ratchet cover, tree protection (treewear)
    • Slackline set complies with German DIN Guidelines
    • TÜV approved

  • When GIBBON first bounded onto the slackline scene in 2007, it was the province of elite rock climbers and daredevils. And while death-defying stunts might still dominate YouTube hits, slacklining is much more laidback these days, used by everyday adventurers and athletes alike to keep fit, learn a new skill and get outdoors. Speaking frankly? A lot of that is thanks to GIBBON.


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