Gibbon Slacklines

ClassicLine Treewear Set

Colour: Yellow

GIBBON: Putting a spring in your step since ‘07

The original slackline from GIBBON, the Classic Line Treewear Set is the most sold slackline in the world thanks to how easy it is to set up and its durability in the great outdoors. With a firmer, less stretchy elasticity, the line is best suited to beginners and can be used anywhere from the local park to wild forests. Accompanied with pads to protect the trees and a ratchet pad for transportation, the Classic Line Treewear Set is a superb option for those taking their first steps in slacklining.

    • The original, and most sold slackline in the world
    • Popular with beginners and all-rounders who want to set-up their slackline anywhere
    • Easy to use and very durable
    • Very popular in schools and training areas
    • Integrated ratchet protection (RAT PAD)
    • Comes with the all-new Treewear - tree protector wraps
    • Length: 15 m complete set: 12.5 m line & 2.5 m ratchet strap
    • Packaging: 275 x 136 x 210 mm
    • Bandtype: 5 cm / 2" flat webbing
    • Weight: 3.2 kg / 7 lbs
    • Strength: 40 kN
    • Material: Polyester
    • Print: Silk screen method
    • Ratchet: Coated steel
    • Contents: 12.5 m slackline with stitched loop, 2.5 m / 8 ft ratchet band with stitched loop, ratchet with safety lock, ratchet cover, tree protection
    • Slackline set complies with German DIN Guidelines
    • TÜV approved

  • When GIBBON first bounded onto the slackline scene in 2007, it was the province of elite rock climbers and daredevils. And while death-defying stunts might still dominate YouTube hits, slacklining is much more laidback these days, used by everyday adventurers and athletes alike to keep fit, learn a new skill and get outdoors. Speaking frankly? A lot of that is thanks to GIBBON.


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