FlexLight 100

Colour: Yellow

Plug in and light up

The perfect task light whether you’re reading in your tent or studying late at the library, BioLite’s FlexLight is a portable and lightweight light with a flexible arm that can be angled almost anywhere. The 100-lumen LED output casts a welcome glow in any space, and it is powered by a standard USB to plug into any device, like a laptop or a portable power bank. Turn the light on or off with the tap of a finger, or press and hold to dim easily to desired levels

    • Touch functionality enables you to turn lights on with the tap of a finger. Press and hold to dim easily to desired levels
    • Flexible neck can be adjusted almost infinitely
    • Works with any USB port including other BioLite products like the BaseCamp and CampStove
    • LED draws minimal power
    • Length: 40.64 cm
    • Weight: 51.03 g
    • Lumens: 100 Lm
    • USB: 1.25 watts (5V, 0.25A)
  • Sustainability Through Longevity - BioLite are certified Carbon Neutral which means their manufacturers take responsibility for their greenhouse gas emissions by measuring, reducing, and offsetting them

  • BioLite is a brand on a mission: to bring energy everywhere. That’s why they are dedicated to developing genuinely useful products for campers and off-grid adventurers. But it’s not just about that. There’s a far bigger problem. Imagine if you didn’t have the means to cook your food, charge your phone or even light your home. That is the reality for more than three billion people around the world. They are forced to cook on smoky, toxic open fires every day. This causes over 4 million deaths per year and produces a staggering 25% of global black carbon emissions. That’s more than all the world’s cars and lorries combined.

    BioLite’s solution is to adapt the same useful gadgets that benefit campers and backpackers to help off-grid households across the globe. It’s working. Products like the Biolite Campstove have won a slew of design and outdoor industry awards, while the same core technology has enabled them to work in countries like Uganda, Kenya and India. It’s making life easier for adventurers everywhere while giving people cleaner, safer and more reliable ways to cook, charge, and light their lives.


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