Crux Lite

Colour: Green

Ultralight stove for fast and light adventures

Committed ultralight backpackers know that every gram counts – and they’ll go to extreme lengths to minimise their trail weight. But if you’ve already cut the labels out of all your kit and chopped your toothbrush in half, what next? Turn to the featherweight Crux Lite. It has the same ultra-dependable build as the standard Crux but eliminates the folding burner head to save a further 11g. The result is one of the lightest stoves on the market. And though it weighs hardly anything, it still packs a punch: the 3000w burner is powerful and consistent, distributing heat superbly and still delivering precision simmering, fast boiling, and no hotspots (which means less burnt-on mess at the bottom of your pot)

    • Weighing in at a mere 72g, this is one of the lightest stoves in the world
    • Powerful and stable 3000W burner for efficient cooking
    • Large burner head for optimal heat distribution
    • Precise flame control – simmering without burning
    • Gas not included, but sold separately
  • Stove type Gas
    Fuel type Butane/Propane
    Average burn time 90 min / 220 g
    Average boil time for 1 L of water Approx 3 min
    Power 3000 W / 10200 BTU/h
  • Length 71 mm
    Width 57 mm
    Height 56 mm
    Weight 72 g
  • Few brands understand the demands and challenges of outdoor cooking quite like Optimus. After all, they’ve been manufacturing the finest camping and backpacking stoves for more than a century. Founded in Stockholm way back in 1899, the company has built an enviable global reputation for its technically advanced and expedition-proven gas, multifuel and hybrid stoves.

    Whether you’re preparing for a far-flung expedition, a long-distance walk, a wild camping escape or are just taking advantage of a free weekend to go camping with friends, there’s an Optimus stove system or cook set for you. Their ever-reliable equipment is known for its efficient, fuss-free performance, which means it is sure to become one of the first items on your kit list whenever you’re planning a new adventure.

It is well built and distinguished by its larger burner surface area

-Ron, Verified Buyer


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