Amundsen Sports

Canvas Trucker Cap

Colour: Olive

A classic that’s a cut above the rest

If you're handing out hypothetical medals for the perfect mix of looks and function, then the classic trucker cap must surely be on the podium. It's got the effortless open-road style of a million adventures behind it, while the combination of sun visor and ventilated back make it practical to boot. Plus it's a handy way of hiding the cockatiel hair that results from crashing out in the back of a van. If we were really looking to gripe, though, we might point out that most trucker lids seem to come with a tacky foam front panel that quickly gets grubby with sweat and dirt. Not so this one from Oslo-based Amundsen sports. The front and bill are made in smart cotton canvas which will age gracefully the more you wear it. Gold medal-worthy, we’d say

    • Cotton canvas front
    • Mesh venting at the back
    • Adjustable snap-back closure
    • Norway strap detail at the back
    • Embroidered logo on the front
    • 100% Cotton
    • Sustainability through Longevity - While the biggest polluters in the outdoor industry compete to make the most noise about recycling and other green initiatives, Amundsen focus on what matters most: fewer products. Through the use of quality materials, technology and craftsmanship, Amundsen continuously make sure your timeless and versatile garments last for generations.
  • Amundsen Sports is named after one of the greatest explorers ever to walk the Earth. No pressure there then. In fact, the company’s co-founder, Jørgen Amundsen, is a relative of the legendary man himself, and the brand’s designs are based on classic styles from the golden age of exploration. Throw in a generous dash of 1960s Nordic ski resort chic and you’ve got a unique range of good-looking kit that’ll get you noticed in all the right ways.

    However, there’s nothing old-fashioned about the way Amundsen’s gear performs. Ruggedly built from merino wool and waterproof triple-layer cotton, these are serious expedition-grade garments built for a Scandi outdoor culture – a concept that the Norwegians call ‘friluftsliv’, or ‘open-air life’. It’s the idea that time spent enjoying the freedom of the outdoors should be a core part of your life, since it enhances just about everything else. Now that’s something we can all get on board with.


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