Ooni Pizza Ovens Comparison

Ooni Fyra

Ooni Fyra

Ooni Karu

Ooni Karu

Ooni Koda

Ooni Koda

Ooni Koda 16

Ooni Koda 16

Ooni Pro

Ooni Pro


Fuel type

Wood Pellets Wood, Charcoal & Gas* Gas Gas Wood, Charcoal & Gas*

Pizza size

Unboxed size

74.2 x 39.4 x 72.6cm 77 x 40 x 80cm 40 x 29.5 x 63cm 63.4 x 58.9 x 35cm 74 x 49 x 79cm


10kg 12kg 9.25kg 18.2kg 22kg

Heat up time

15mins 15mins 15mins 20mins 20mins

Max temperature

500°C 500°C 500°C 500°C 500°C

Propane gas compatible

Yes, with Gas burner Yes, with Gas burner

Natural gas compatible

Yes, with conversion kit


Powder-coated carbon steel Brushed 430 stainless steel Powder-coated carbon steel Powder-coated carbon steel Brushed stainless steel

Pizza stone type

10mm cordierite stone 15mm cordierite stone 10mm cordierite stone 15mm cordierite stone 15mm cordierite stone

Pizza stone size

33 x 33cm 33 x 33cm 33 x 33cm 41 x 41cm 44 x 44cm

Opening Height

85mm 99mm 82mm 111mm 156mm

Fuel consumption*

1.13kg for 10 pizzas 1.5kg for 10 pizzas 0.4kg for 10 pizzas 0.6kg for 10 pizzas 2.3kg for 10 pizzas

Gas consumption*

- 0.34 kg/hr 0.28 kg/hr 0.59 kg/hr 0.47 kg/hr

kW (BTU)*

- 5.0kw (17060.7 BTU) 4kWh (13649 BTU) 8.49kw (29000 BTU) 7.1kw (24226.2 BTU)

Outdoor use only