The Stutterheim story began with a discovery. Back in 2010, founder Alexander Stutterheim was clearing his grandfather’s old barn, on the small island of Arholma in the Stockholm archipelago of Sweden. Alex was feeling melancholy and thinking about his grandfather, who had just passed away. By chance, he found his grandfather’s old coat – a classic fisherman’s raincoat: heavy, durable and timeless. It was a garment imbued with memory, and one which sparked Alex’s creativity. That old coat provided the inspiration for the first Stutterheim raincoat, and the notion of melancholy continues to drive the brand today.

After all, feeling blue inspires creativity. Melancholy is about feeling uneasy with the way things are, yearning for a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the world around us. It’s a peculiarly Swedish sentiment, but also a familiar one, given Britain’s own famously rainy maritime climate.

Stutterheim coats are handmade in Europe from rubberised cotton. Each garment is a perfect blend of simplicity, functionality and timeless design. It’s time to embrace the rain.

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