Northern Playground

Northern Playground

To wear a baselayer or not to wear a baselayer – that is the question. Whether you’re stepping into ski boots or running shoes, it’s a dilemma that endures for outdoor adventure fans across the globe: will you be too hot with a baselayer on? If it gets sweaty and you stop moving, all of a sudden you’re too cold. The solution came in an unlikely form: a rusty old sewing machine in the back of a Norwegian wardrobe.

The guys behind Northern Playground had gotten as sick as the rest of us with agonising over baselayers, and they couldn’t find a decent solution on the market – so they decided to make their own. A few YouTube sewing tutorials later and the aforementioned sewing machine had churned out the very first Zipwear, a revolutionary new take on baselayers for outdoor sports. Able to be zipped on and off without having to remove your boots, Northern Playground’s Zipwear allows you to adjust your clothing according to the weather and avoid the gamble that comes with regular baselayers. These days, their production has upgraded somewhat, sourcing the highest quality merino wool to produce a fabric that wicks away sweat to keep you warm and dry. If you get too warm, simply press pause and delayer, there and then. It’s the ultimate in personal climate control.