Gloryfy Unbreakable

The Gloryfy story all started in 2004 when an Austrian chap named Christoph Egger witnessed an argument between a couple after the guy had sat on and broke his wife’s sunglasses. The idea was born. His first few attempts making unbreakable sunglasses using silicone, however, failed miserably. The next year in the village of Mayrhofen, Christoph constructed a clean room laboratory and got down to work experimenting and testing. The biggest challenges were finding a suitable material and a process capable of large scale production. It was three years in the lab before Gloryfy shipped their first generation of unbreakable sunglasses.

The technology in these things is insane! The I-Flex material used for the lenses yields the highest optical quality. A colour-fastness technique traps colour inside the lens, ensuring colours remain deep and vibrant. And the quick-change lens system allows prescription or different colour lenses to be easily swapped in. We’re carrying the models designed specifically for cycling and wind, water and snow sports. Most have polarised lenses and some models redirect air flow by 90°, preventing draughts from hitting the eyes directly and greatly reducing misting. Oh yeah, and they look frickin’ cool.

Did we mention they’re unbreakable?

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