Ebbets Field Flannels

Today, the humble baseball cap is a global fashion staple – a piece of headwear that has transcended its sporting origins to become an everyday, mass-produced outdoor accessory. But back in the early twentieth century, it was an essential piece of team uniform for every baseball team in every league across the USA. Caps were shaped and stitched by hand, their combination of colours and emblems unique to every team. Ebbets Field Flannels is a family-owned US brand that is devoted to recreating the quality and craftsmanship of those ballcaps and other American athletic apparel. Painstakingly researching the storied histories of teams from across the globe, their products bring baseball history to life, using original fabrics and manufacturing techniques to weave authentic, made-in-the-USA heritage into each garment.

Their heirloom-quality baseball caps are like no others we’ve seen. But the caps also highlight important chapters in US sporting culture, remembering forgotten franchises that once were the beating heart of cities and neighbourhoods, or celebrating the rise of black players and teams in professional baseball. Every ballcap tells a story.

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