In Texas, the Hotter ‘n’ Hell Hundred is one of the biggest and most famous bike races in the state. You could say it’s a ride of passage for any Lone Star road cyclist. It’s also where the CamelBak story started, way back in 1989. The race, as its name suggests, is hot, dry and arid. Water is vital to staying the course. Competitor Michael Eidson, an emergency medical technician by trade, decided it was the perfect testing ground for his prototype ‘hydration pack’. Basically, it was an IV bag filled with water, stuffed inside a large sports sock. He slipped the contraption into the back of his cycling jersey, threw the thin hose over his shoulder and clamped it with a clothes peg.

It was the birth of hands-free hydration. But the road to success, just like the race itself, was long and tough. At first, the fledgling brand sold their hydration packs at races. After that, early employee Jeff Wemmer took a motorcycle road trip across the USA from Florida to California, pitching CamelBak to every bike shop on the route. Bit by bit, word got around, and sales grew year on year. Today, the company is the unrivalled market leader in hydration. But they remain dedicated to delivering better hydration in the toughest conditions – from hot road races to trail runs in the mountains. Whatever you do, they’ve got your bak.

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