Top 10 Products of 2018

Tree tents, survival kits, waxed-canvas rucksacks: you guys really kitted out in the past 12 months

11th January 2019 | WildBounds HQ

In 2018, you guys decided to be more adventurous. You decided to head into the great outdoors and experience everything it has to offer. How do we know? Well, based on what you were buying from our store: tree tents, bushboxes, canvas backpacks, wool beanies, insulated water bottles and much, much more. Here’s a round-up of everything you guys added to your outdoor armoury in 2018 – we love that you’re as excited about these brands as we are, and can’t wait to share what we’re stocking up with over the next year.

Stingray Tree Tent

The original design, perfected

Simple and versatile: most of things we love in life tick those boxes, and the Stingray is no exception. Sling it up anywhere there are trees for a cool night’s rest free from creepy crawlers and tree roots, but not before you unzip the rain fly for a starlit nightcap. SHOP NOW

Bushbox XL Combo Kit

Bushcraft Essential’s top-selling combination multi-fuel, flat-pack stove.

Stoves and fuel are usually among the heavier and bulkier items on any adventurers pack list. No longer. This incredibly lightweight and efficient stove not only burns the twigs and branches you find lying around your camp - it also packs down flat. No fuel to carry. No bulky stove to pack. Simply brilliant. SHOP NOW.

Assynt 17

Born out of Trakke’s Glaswegian workshop, the Assynt 17 is their most versatile backpack. Its mid-range volume is ideal for commuters and hikers alike, with multiple pockets for stashing valuables and a rugged waxed cotton exterior to repel the worst of British weather. SHOP NOW.

Sock Shoes

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo Da Vinci

True, the barefoot and minimalist movement has been staging a comeback, but nothing compares with Skinners’ revolutionary sock-shoe hybrid, fusing go-anywhere functionality with put-your-feet-up comfort. Perfect for camping, hiking, walking up to the crag, the gym, water sports, short runs - anything. This is moving without limits. It’s no wonder Skinners was the most funded footwear project in crowdfunding history. SHOP NOW.

Elan Beanies

Certified vegan manufactured bobble hats

Named after one of founder Annie’s favourite ski runs in Breckenridge, Colorado - the spiritual home of BBCo - the Elan is one of the British brand’s best-selling beanies. It’s woven with acrylic wool to earn its vegan stripes and performs just as well as anything made with regular wool - but we’ll let you be the judge of that. SHOP NOW.


The original - Bushcraft Essential’s best-selling multi-fuel pocket stove.

Stoves and fuel are usually among the heavier and bulkier items on any adventurers pack list. No longer. This lightweight stove not only burns the twigs and branches you find lying around camp - it also packs down flat. No fuel to carry. No bulky stove to pack. Brilliant. SHOP NOW.

Mos Down Shoes

The sleeping bag shoe

Whether you’re stoking the campfire or putting your feet up at home, these Mos Down Shoes provide unrivalled comfort underfoot. Both the sole and shell are filled with the insulating down that’s made their Celsius sleeping bag so epic, and the inner lining comprises a soft, furry layer for maximum cosiness, like its namesake. Its anti-slip print on the sole and packable, compressible structure make them perfect for use around camp. As the colder months settle in, Nordisk’s insulated shoes are guaranteed to keep your feet toasty. SHOP NOW.

Flite+ Tree Tent

The ultralight two-person tree tent

If you’re backpacking into the woods and need a simple, versatile sleeping arrangement – with some added epicness for good measure – then look no further. The Flite+ is Tentsile’s ultralight option, with room for two people and all the trappings to make sure lightweight still means comfortable. SHOP NOW.

21 oz Standard Mouth

Double-insulated stainless steel, to banish lukewarm drinks forever

Designed for everyday adventures, the 21 oz Standard Mouth bottle from Hydro Flask is their mid-range and most versatile product. Small enough to fit in a rucksack side pocket - or your car’s bottle holder - but carrying over 600 ml of liquid, the 21oz bottle is the perfect companion for your daily travels. Plus, since it’s made without BPA chemicals, you can keep re-using it worry-free. SHOP NOW.

Gorgeous George Bracelet

Premium quality bracelets, handcrafted from authentic ship rope

Handcrafted in Pig & Hen’s Amsterdam workshop, this bracelet is incredibly strong, made from authentic ship rope. It’s designed for modern day explorers and everyday adventurers, intended to bring good luck in the same way that Dutch sailors would have a pig and hen tattooed on their feet. Whether you believe that or not won’t affect how it looks as you toss another log on the fire, amber light catching on its iconic stainless steel clasp. SHOP NOW.

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