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We’re just going to go ahead and say it: 2017 was a good year. 

9th January 2018 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

Some things are just so amazing that you want to shout about them to the world - like when KFC followed every Spice Girl and six guys called Herb on Twitter to celebrate their secret recipe. Genius. Well, we’ve decided to follow suit by taking a look at our highlights from 2017, including these articles. From profiles on famous adventurers and explorers to introspective journal entries from remote locations, this is the content that you guys couldn’t get enough of. We’re stoked that you’re enjoying it because there is so much more where these came from, and countless adventures to be had.

Spacer The Three Peaks Challenge Three Peaks Challenge

The highest mountains of Scotland, England and Wales. Twenty-four hours. Six guys. Limited training. One rickety, old motorhome named Millwall. What could possibly go wrong?

Three Peaks Challenge Infographic Kayaking the Arctic Kayaking the Arctic

The raw beauty of Greenland’s glacial tundras and ice-strewn fjords has to be seen to be believed – the edges of this land of the midnight sun are best explored as the locals have for thousands of years – by kayak.

Spacer Climbing Catalonia: Siurana Climbing Catalonia

Seasoned climber and WildBounds contributor Chris Kalman does a Catalonia two-step, stopping first in what is perhaps the most famous of all Catalonian climbing destinations – Siurana.

Spacer Field Guide: Chamonix Field Guide: Chamonix

A spiritual basecamp for the outdoors-obsessed for generations, Chamonix – or Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, to give this French town its Sunday name – is a must-see destination for anyone remotely interested in outdoor adventure.

Spacer Captain Robert Falcon Scott Captain Robert Scott

The famed polar explorer is equally celebrated for his accomplishments and mocked for his failings – it’s not a fair reckoning of the man, writes Jack Hart

Spacer Conquering Fear on the In Pinn In Pinn - Cuilin Ridge

Adventurer, outdoor journalist and blogger Fiona Russell reveals how she conquered her greatest fear on Skye’s most perilous summit – the Inaccessible Pinnacle.

Spacer WildBounds Person of the Year WildBounds Person of the Year: Al Humphreys

Time? No, we don’t have the time – we do have an inspirational explorer championing the everyday adventures that make life more exciting.

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